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Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Sasco Point" real estate ad 1930's

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"Sasco Point" in 1930's
Sasco Hill, Fairfield, Connecticut
"Sasco Point" originally the residence of Clarence B. Sturges, was formerly offered at $250,000...and now is $130, the early 1930's that is..and it was sold for more than 100 times that amount in 2001, and then razed, and replaced with an even more magnificent structure.
(note the sandbar to the left and how far it had extended, compared to how the shoreline looks today. Also to the far right corner of the property was a beach house on the cliff on McKenzie's Point which does not exist today other than remnants of shattered brick and clay stuck in the cliff and scattered about the beach).
This is a vintage real estate advertisement from a magazine in the early 1930's, offering this property on McKenzie's Point for sale at the end of Sasco Hill Road which was once owned by former Connecticut Senator and publisher of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and advertising agency founder William Benton.
The house was razed in 2001 and a new one was built in 2002.
From Eric Sundman Collection

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