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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Southport Harbor circa 1920

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Southport Harbor circa 1920
To the right of the PYC clubhouse, it appears that a pillar is visable from the
Oliver H. Perry house in the wooded front yard.
"The lower right hand corner of the plate is missing but it does not detract from the main image. The large power boat in front of the clubhouse maybe an Elco and looks very similar to the powerboat owned by Erwin Jennings, a (PYC) club member. In the lower left hand corner there appears to be a gentleman wearing a "boater" who might be holding a fishing pole. It's a great photograph."
 -Arthur Jennings
Many thanks to Arthur Jennings for sharing another incredible and rare image from the past.

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Anonymous said...

Those boats sure look like the '20s, but the "Onion Barn", is pretty much different . As a kid in the late 30s and 40s, I remember it as pretty much run down until I think in the 50s or there abouts ,someone bought it and made it livable and look as it is in this picture with the porch/canopy.