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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Meeker Docks & Warehouses Southport in 1887

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Meeker Dock & Warehouses
Southport, Connecticut
Description: Photographer: Roderick P Curtis. Written on reverse: "View of Meeker's Store & Dock. Sept 23rd, '87." The Wakeman Meeker warehouses and docks were located on Harbor Rd at the foot of Westway Rd. Note the man at far right on the dock who is barefoot, and wearing a derby. In the background left is the site of 883 Harbor Rd; visible is the barn which went with a house built by Andrew Bulkley for his daughter Mrs Benjamin Pomeroy. See also commentary with photo #97. Photo #261 shows the Meeker warehouses c 1900. After World War II, one of the warehouses was made into the present 825 Harbor Rd. Ffld News 6 Jan 1949, "the old onion barn was to be converted into a house, with a wing added on the east side." The renovation was done in the 1950's. The other onion barns were torn down. A picture of the warehouses at Ffld Hist Soc has this information with it: "The left barn (with stone foundation) was owned by Hoyt Perry in 1920 and at his death passed to Gwen Perry, who, after WWII remodelled it into a house, 825 Harbor Rd. It was later bought by Mr Hubbell." Signed "George Pratt, 1975." Geo Pratt was the moving force behind the formation of the Sthport Hist District.

Creator: V. Louise Higgins
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Date: 23 Sept 1887
Format: Photograph

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