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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

July 4th 1890 Southport Harbor water sports and tub racing

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4th July water sports, Southport Harbor
Southport, Connecticut
Description: Photographer: Roderick P Curtis. On the reverse of this print is written: "Corner of one of the onion sheds & the old Yacht Club." A cropped version of the same picture, a sepia print, is marked #106A. On the reverse of the sepia print is written: "Fourth of July celebration. Note the trees in front of the Winthrop Perrys [750 Harbor Rd] & Mrs Cornelius Perrys [780 Harbor Rd]." (The handwriting has been identified by Ann Curtis Carstensen as that of her mother, Mrs Wells Curtis, dau-in-law of Roderick P Curtis.) Photos 106 & 107 are believed to be pictures of the July 1890 "mammoth" entertainment put on by the Pequot Council (composed of Southport men) and the Sasquanaug Association noted in Charlotte Malvina Bulkley's _Mill River...Reminiscences_ pages 25-26. "...4th of July [1890] entertainment...was very fine.... The tub race in the river created a gathering of people... crowds from the surrounding country added to our own population...." Photos 106 & 107 were taken from the same vantage point at slightly different times on the same day. (Differences are seen in the position of the "tub racers, " etc.) The Ffld Hist Society has a third photograph of the same event. It appears to be an extension of the same scene, showing the view west (to the left of photo #106)--all three Meeker onion sheds are visible. A copy of this picture is in Banks pictures ff page 112. The caption is: "July 4, 1890--Water Sports on Southport Harbor in front of Meeker's Warehouses--'water walking on the harbor.'" It is assumed this third photograph was also taken by Roderick P Curtis. Buildings in photo #106 are, left to right: 1. corner of a Meeker onion shed; 2. BC & MMR clubhouse (see photo #93); 3. Chas Jennings buildings & docks--drugstore, grain/feed store; 4. far right, 3-story structure, Jelliff brick building (now PYC).

(click on image to enlarge) Note: Tub racer above.
Creator: V. Louise Higgins

Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Date: 4 July 1890
Format: Photograph

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