UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Trinity Episcopal Church Pequot Avenue in 1891

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Trinity Episcopal Church Pequot Avenue in 1891

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Trinity Church Exterior

Southport, Connecticut

Photographer: Edward, Clinton or Eugene Hall. Note found with glass plate negative: "Trinity Church Exterior. Taken 3:30 PM April 20, 1891." There are 3 similar plates, #67-69. One print of this scene shows the tree at the immediate left of the church in a slightly different position; it is thought a fourth plate was made which has not survived. The picture was taken from Center St. The church is in center foreground and to its right is the Mrs Edward Livingston Wells house (#665 Pequot Ave). In the background to the right of the church is a house which would front on Westway Rd. This house has not yet been positively identified. It is believed to be one built by an Aaron Hubbell, and marked on the Eneas Smith map of 1858 as "Hubbell." It is not the house now at #144 Westway Rd, which was built in 1894. Nor is it the house at #158 Westway Rd., which was moved to its site in 1899. Trinity Church is the subject of the HABS (Hist Amer Bldgs Survey) Report # Ct 312. See also the Packet April 1989, Vol 3 #2. See Packet Apr 2000
Creator: V. Louise Higgins
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Date: 20 April 1891
Format: Photograph

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