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Friday, March 9, 2012

View From Southport Beach Pequot Avenue

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E. B. Sturges Nirvana 1890's
Greens Farms, Connecticut
B/w post card. Printed on front: "'Nirvana.' E. B. Sturges. Greens Farms, Conn." The estate shown was located on the shore point in Westport just over the Southport line of Sasco Creek, the first house on the water side of Beachside Avenue. In 1925 the 11-acre-plus estate was sold and in 1932 part of the acreage became the Richardson property. Chronicle July 1894: "Edward B. Sturges & family of Scranton are occupying their summer home here. E. N. Sipperly has taken a contract to drill an artesian well for E. B. Sturges.... The well is to be deep enough to furnish a large supply of water.... Hydrants are also to be placed in various places about the grounds...." Chronicle 12 Mar 1896: "J. W. Darling is building a small cottage for E. B. Sturges. The lower floor will be used as a laundry and drying room while the upstairs part will be fitted up as servants quarters." Chronicle 27 April 1896: "Work on the new house for E. B. Sturges is nearly completed."
Creator: V. Louise Higgins
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Format: Photograph

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