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Monday, September 21, 2015

Southport and Pine Creek Millstones

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This millstone is built into the patio of "Set-a-Spell" on 935 Harbor Road in Southport. It could be possible that it once was used at the Tide Mill, or somewhere nearby.
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(click on image to enlarge)This millstone is only visible at low tide near the jetty at the Pine Creek inlet. This appears to be a remnant of the old windmall that once stood within several yards of the jetty prior to 1938.

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This is a very rare photo taken from Pine Creek Avenue in the 1920's, across a meadow-sized waterfront yard looking across the inlet of Pine Creek and towards the windmill. Taken from Pine Creek Avenue looking towards the very end of Fairfield Beach Road, almost 20 years before the Hurricane of 1938.
Photo: V. McGuire

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