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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

B.C. & M.M.R.

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"The BC&MMR club was the yachting club predecessor to PYC. As the old club went out of existence, the PYC was organized. The old BC&MMR house still stands at the southwest end of the Perry Green. My grandfather AOJ 1 was a founding member back in the 1800s. Over the years the club's name has seen some different interpretations. My impression is that the "R" stands for the word "relief", and not "retreat". (That maybe a difference without a meaning.) While it is true that women were not allowed to be members, they did have occasional opportunities to enjoy the premises with permission of the Officers and members. Next to the NYYC in Manhattan, the BC&MMR club was the place to be for a true yachtsman. In fact, both clubs had a number of shared members over the years." -Arthur Jennings
(Many thanks to Arthur Jennings)

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