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Friday, January 3, 2020

The Saturday Evening Post Cover 1947

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This is the front cover only, from a 1947 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, over 70 years old. It measures 10.5 x 13.5 inches in size. The cover presents a charming village scene, painted in attractive color by John Falter one of the Post's most prolific cover artists. This painting shows an older couple looking through the window at an antique store with a sign calling it The Old Store On the Harbor (where William Pitt Sotheby's office on the corner of Main Street and Harbor Road is today) and also to the right is the Pequot Yacht Club. Meanwhile, as they are fascinated by the old antique objects displayed there, the store's owners are out front, peering into a brand new car which has caught their curiosity. The first inside page of the Post issue, has a twenty lines of text commenting on the painting. It identifies the location of the scene, while telling the story the artist is conveying: “Residents of Connecticut will recognize the setting of John Falter's cover. The store is patterned after one the artist has patronized in Southport, Connecticut. “It occurred to Falter that rarity is a relative thing, and that dealers in the old and unusual might be interested this summer in the new and unusual—a new car. If you could hear the antique dealers in this painting, you would hear them making the same sighs of awe and delight over the gleaming new automobile in which their customers arrived as the antique hunters are making over the pre-automobile chair.“ ‘How I'd like to have that,’ is what all concerned are saying about different subjects.”

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