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Monday, January 8, 2018

Coal Sheds, Harbor, Schooner Mary Elizabeth 1905

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#229 Coal Sheds, Harbor, Schooner Mary Elizabeth
Southport, Connecticut
Printed invitation postcard, b/w, C. H. Pease Publishers, Canaan. On the front of the card is printed: "You are invited to attend a sale of fancy bags and cake, to be held by the Sasquanaug Association for Village Improvement, on Mrs. Simon C. Sherwood's lawn [67 Westway Road], Wednesday, June 28, from 3 to 6 p.m. Ice cream and cake will be sold. If rainy, the sale will be the next clear day. Music." The legend "Southport Harbor" appears on the picture. On reverse of card, the post office cancellation is 23 June 1905. The picture shows the coal sheds which were located where the PYC docks and parking are now, opposite 608 Harbor Road. At the breakwater is a schooner identified by Charlotte Lacey in her Historical Story of Southport (page 45) as the "Mary Elizabeth." This ship was made into a schooner in 1884 (had been a sloop). She was taken out of market boat service about 1903 but remained at her berth at the breakwater. The ship was sold in April 1905 and taken to Long Island. The picture thus was taken between 1884 and 1905. Photo #229A is a print of the picture on the postcard. The original photograph has not yet been found.
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Date: 1905
Format: Photograph

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