UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Looking West on Harbor Road At Meeker Warehouses 1890's

Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking West on Harbor Road At Meeker Warehouses 1890's

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Harbor looking west on Harbor Road, Meeker Warehouses etc.
Photographer: Clinton B. Hall? No note found with this glass plate negative. Plate marked on top edge, "View Harbor..2pm...No 4." Picture seems to have been taken from Jennings dock, Harbor Road, foot of Main St. It shows water side of Harbor Rd., going west, from approximately the foot of Westway Road to the foot of Old South St. The 3 small buildings on the right side of the picture were the Meeker onion houses, one of which was converted into the house at 825 Harbor Rd. in the 1950's. The tower in the background was part of the Miss Theodora Bulkley residence, which stood at the northeast corner of Old South and Harbor Rd. Buildings visible on the left side of the photo were a barn and house (built by Andrew Bulkley) which stood on the site of 883 Harbor Rd until 1902. Photograph, 1890's

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