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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Elwood Brothers Market 1880's In Southport

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Elwood Bros. Store Main Street Southport, CT circa 1880's
The Elwood Brothers market was in what appears to be a one-story wing on the Molly Pike Tavern building. (It is hard to tell from this picture if the market was separate from the tavern structure or part of it. No definitive picture of the Pike Tavern exists that we know of). The market was at the corner of Main and Center Street. The building burned down in 1894. About 1879 George E. and William F. Elwood opened a grocery here. George took over alone in 1888 and put up his own sign by 1889 (according to an old picture shown in the Ffld News 27 July 1929, so this picture was taken between 1879 and 1889. The picture was taken from the other side of Main St, probably from the top story of one of the buildings, Jennings Market at 252 Main, the Nichols store north of Jennings, or the old bank building at 227 Main. This picture was found in the John Daley scrapbook.

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