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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Edward T. Hall Sr. House 28 Center Street 1913

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Edward T. Hall Sr. House 28 Center Street 1913?
Note found with glass plate negative: "The Hall House on Center St., 3 plates. Miss [Marietta] Hall has one of these plates. "Only two plates were found in the box; the third plate is believed to be the one described as photo #22. The presence of a street light suggests that this picture was taken c 1913 (electric lights were being installed then on Main Street). The photographer was Eugene Hall, since Edward T. Jr. died 1902 and Clinton B. died 1904. In this photo, more of Center St. is visible than in photo #22.
To the left of the Hall house is the one-time tin shop of Edward Hall Sr. In the background left is visible part of the roofline of the Savings Bank on Main St. Beyond the Hall house, center, can be seen a portion of the house which stood in the now parking lot for 252 Main St., and the Hall block itself (252 Main). At the foot of Center St., on Harbor Rd., is the Charles Jennings store and warehouse. To its left is a portion of the Jelliff Building (later the PYC). On the right hand side of Center St. is visible a portion of the Austin Perry house, 712 Harbor Rd.

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