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Sunday, August 2, 2015

H.O. Perry Jr. Annual Pond Yacht Regatta on Saturday

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H.O. Perry Jr. Annual Pond Yacht Regatta on Saturday
Southport Harbor
Photo by Lori Langdon 8/1/15

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Southport on Wednesday

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Southport on Wednesday.

Early Harbor Road view near Ye Yacht Yard 1900's

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Harbor Road view near Ye Yacht Yard 1900's
"To the right, a view of the tower at 1000 Harbor Road. White house in the background was owned by John Wall. A lone mast appears to show from YYY to the left." -Arthur Jennings
The old well with well-sweep to the left is part of the harbor waterfront property known as "Ye set-a-spell" which is 935 Harbor Road. Note utility poles.
Early 1900's photo postcard, from Arthur Jennings' collection.

Kayaking the Mill River in Southport

Southport Fire Department's 5th Annual "Fired Up" Car Show Aug.16th

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Southport and Fairfield aerial photos on Tuesday

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Aerial view from jet at 4,000 feet on Tuesday July 28, 2015 over Fairfield and coastline. At left, Pine Creek Beach, mid photo shows Fairfield Beach, Penfield and Jennings Beaches, Black Rock Harbor and Seaside Park area to far right.

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Aerial view from jet at 3,500 feet on Tuesday July 28, 2015 over Southport Harbor and Sasco Beach.
Photos by John Harrington Fairfield, CT 7/28/15

An early "R" class at Southport

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An early "R" class at Southport.
Thanks to Arthur Jennings for sharing this image from the past.
From Arthur Jennings Collection.

Commercial ad from Old Southport Chronicle 1869

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From the Old Southport Chronicle 1869.
Thanks to Arthur Jennings for contributing.

Crispin & Friends at Horseshoe Cafe Southport Village on Monday

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Horseshoe Cafe Acoustic Monday Night Special Feature July 27, 2015
Crispin & Friends
PHOTOS by Judith Byman
With Bill NollmanCrispin CioeTyger MacNeal and Ed Wright.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Barbara Burr's PAGAN on the rails at YYY

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Barbara Burr's sloop "PAGAN" on the rails at Ye Yacht Yard.
Photographer and date unknown.
Photograph property and courtesy of Ye Yacht Yard Preservation Fund/Joe Rainis/Howard Burr Collection.

Another Southport Tub Race circa 1890's

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Southport Tub Race circa 1890's
"Original print (on heavy cardboard) of a Southport Tub Race, {date of this photo unknown, (estimated 1890's)}". "Tub Racing" was mentioned as a sport in the 1890's (and documented in photos also into the 1920's). (C. M. Bulkley, Mill River, Southport, Reminiscences of the Past pages 25-26). People seen gathered at the BC&MMR, and also on what is now called Perry Green.
From: Arthur Jennings' collection.

Early 1900's Southport postcard

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A very rare color linen Southport, CT postcard, early 1900's

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pequot Library Annual Summer Book Sale July 24th-28th


Pequot Library's 55th ANNUAL BOOK SALE
“The Best Book Sale in New England”

Friday, July 24 to Tuesday, July 28, 2015
OVER 120,000 BOOKS, CDs, DVDs, RECORDS, etc.
Admission is free, and open to the public. All Sale proceeds help fund Pequot Library's over 450 annual programs and events for all ages.
Friday, July 249am to 8pmDOUBLE the marked price
Saturday, July 259am to 5:30pmPriced as marked
Sunday, July 269am to 5:30pmPriced as marked
Monday, July 279am to 6pmHALF the marked price
Tuesday, July 289am to 2pm$5 PER BAG DAY!

Join us as a Volunteer!
 Download a Volunteer Sign-up Sheet here.
High quality books at reasonable prices
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express Accepted
Shop the Book Sale in style - bring your own reusable bags!
View Pequot Library's Numbers Policy.
Rare and Collectible “Specials” conveniently located in one room.
summer_book_sale_rare_books           summer_book_sale_big_tent
"Specials" catalog of higher value and/or scarce items available online: July 13, 2015.
Over 55 categories, including your favorites:
    • Children’s Books
    • Art and Photography
    • Business
    • Biography
    • Several sections of History:  USA, European, World, and Military
    • Computer Software and Books
    • Cooking,
    • Crafts and Style
    • Foreign Language
    • Gardening
    • Mystery and Thriller
    • Romance
    • Science
    • Sports
    • Science Fiction
    • Current Fiction
    • Classic Fiction
    • Poetry and Drama
    • Trade Paperbacks
    • CDs, DVDs, records, tapes, and Audiobooks
    • Sheet music, music books, comic books, prints
Scanners & other wireless devices welcome in sales areas; stockpiling and "clearing" not permitted
Exit 19 off I-95 south to 720 Pequot Ave, Southport
(203) 259-0346
Parking: In Pequot Library's parking lot, or the Trinity Episcopal Church* parking lot (on the corner of Pequot Avenue and Center Street), or in the Southport Congregational Church parking lot (524 Pequot Avenue and across from church) or, on the weekend, in the train station parking lot (400 Center Street).
* "Park for Food" at Trinity Church during the busiest weekend days in exchange for a donation of food or funds. All proceeds benefit St. Luke's Bridgeport Food Pantry. On Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27, Trinity Church volunteers will direct cars to available parking in the church’s parking lot, in exchange for canned food or donations.
Important facts to know about the Pequot Library Summer Book Sale:
1. Unlike sales at other libraries, this one is critical for the operations of Pequot Library, given that the town provides only a third of its operating budget.
2. Pequot Library is a jewel in the Fairfield community for its traditional library services and its many cultural, music, and arts programs.
3. Because of the long-time community support, this sale is the largest in the region offering the most extensive selection of books, records, etc.
4. Pequot’s offerings of “specials” is consistently the finest.
5. “Books for Teachers” program, thanks to generous funding from the ReneĆ© B. Fisher Foundation, provides book vouchers to under-served schools and teachers in Bridgeport and New Haven, CT.

Pine Creek Beach early Thursday morning

One World Trade Center in the haze on the horizon.

One World Trade Center to the left, Empire State Building at the right.
View from Pine Creek Beach.

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Pine Creek Beach early Thursday morning.

Horseshoe Cafe Southport Village Presents Crispin Cioe & Friends July 27th

Coming this Monday 7/27- "Live" from the Horseshoe Cafe - Crispin Cioe and Friends!
Crispin and the fellas get the night started at 8:30PM followed by some fantastic local performers! Don't miss the music with Crispin Cioe, Bill Nollman, Ed Wright, and Tyger MacNeal live at 8:30PM this Monday!

Horseshoe Cafe - Pequot Avenue - Southport Village

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pequot Library Book Sale one hour long documentary from 1993

VIDEO NOTES BY the documenter finleymeboy:
In the summer of 1993 I had a video camera and time on my hands (there was a recession then, too, come to think) and I decided to chronicle the Pequot Library Booksale, a unique event in Southport, CT that draws thousands from all over the region and beyond (Martha Stewart dropped in to promote it one year). The "sale" happens in July, but is a remarkable process that goes on all year, accumulating mass as it goes. I was pretty close to it and the people involved, having worked as a volunteer for years (This is my homage to them). What comes across in this video, if you watch the entire hour, is the peculiar attraction, passion and hunger people have for books, and in this event, a unique ecology of books in which the culture gets circulated from one hand to another, a lot among people who would otherwise not have access to it, and then somehow the whole thing replenishes itself to come back another year. Think about this as people tell you nowadays that books are going away, like newspapers, and this might be of more poignant historical value than I thought. A lot of the good people in this film are gone, but the sale goes on (it goes on now as I speak) as it has for over 50 years, and hopefully will continue long after printed books are "dead."

Pine Creek Beach on Monday


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Pine Creek Beach on Monday.

The Boulder Coal Ship Wreck off Southport - Squalus Marine Divers

Sasco Beach on Monday

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Sasco Beach on Monday.

The Harbor, Southport Connecticut

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Photo postcard, most likely sold on the rack at Switzer's.
From Arthur Jennings Collection.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Optis at Tide Mill

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Optis at Tide Mill.
PHOTO: John Wynne 7/14/15

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The week in sailing in Southport: Optis and Ideal 18s

PEQUOD anchored near center of photo with Ideal 18 race committee with Manhattan Skyline in background, view from Pine Creek Beach. One World Trade Center to the left, Empire State Building to the right, and 432 Park Avenue skyscraper to the right.

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The week in sailing in Southport: Optis and Ideal 18s.